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Lunch menu makeover News

By Porsha Stennis, Lindblom and Emily Farns, Eisenhower “Where are my nachos?” “Why is this pizza crust brown?” “Yum!” Chicagoland...

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Want to see your photos on this site or in the print edition of The Mash? It's easy! Just upload them here.

Japan trip sparks deep thought


All throughout out my life, I’ve been trying to find “x.” I’ve always questioned my existence, and it took a trip to Japan to figure out a new way of thinking about happiness.

Host a fabulous party!


Instead of staying home with friends and family like most teens do all break, why not throw a party for Christmas or New Year's?! Here are our tips.

Should kids be told the truth about Santa?


Is it better to keep the tradition alive or save them the heartbreak?

Pet of the week nominees


Is your pet purrfect? Enter him or her in our Pet of the Week contest!

Ready, set, bowl!


Mash staffers take a bowling trip to Lucky Strike.

Growing pains


How does Christmas change when you’re a teen?

Some pics of me


I read The Mash all the time... I <3 when I'm in it!