Yearly Archives: 2012

Cee Lo celebrates Christmas with the Muppets Entertainment

Watch what happens when CeeLo gets lost on his way to a holiday party and ends up at the Muppets' door.

Review: Justin Bieber “Girlfriend” perfume


Mash reporter Emma Seslowsky of Lincoln Park shares her opinions on the Justin Bieber fragrance, "Girlfriend."

Win a makeover from The Mash and Douglas J Aveda Institute Chicago!


Three girls and three guys will win makeovers from Douglas J Aveda Institute Chicago and The Mash!

How to host a fun high school fundraiser


Put the fun back into the word fundraiser! Bake sales aren’t the only way to make money.

Is mid-calorie food healthy?


Many food brands are introducing mid-calorie products to compete with low-calorie, low-fat and non-fat snack options. But that doesn't mean they're totally healthy, says an expert.

10 tips to learn on your own outside the classroom

College & Career

Use these 10 tips to teach yourself if you're not getting a good classroom experience in high school and beyond.

What you need to know about early decision and college applications

College & Career

It's never too early to think about whether you should apply to college early decision, early action or regular decision.

Game faces: Are Bears a match for cricket?


After Pakistan lost their spot in the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup finals by a mere 16 runs, I knew watching any more matches would painfully injure my pride. It was then I made the tough decision to put aside my prejudices against American sports and watch something new. I switched on the Bears game against the Texans, the first football game I had watched since the 2007 Super Bowl,

Chatter: November 29, 2012


Meet this week's chatter heads!