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Photos: The Children’s Book Fair News

The Children's Book Fair returned to Hyde Park for another celebration of all things back to school

Q&A with ‘Awkward’ star Evan Crooks


We catch up with one of the new kids on the block—Evan Crooks, who plays Theo on "Awkward"

How to: Win your fantasy football league


Mashers Camarri Lane and Vijay Vemu share the do's and don'ts of fantasy football

Breaking down: The Ray Rice case


Masher Anna Quesse breaks down what is happening with Ray Rice

5 new shows: worth the hype?


Which of these fall tv shows will you watch?

Are high school dress codes sexist?

Opinion & Advice

Chanel McGee and Josue Velazquez sound off on this issue

Overprotective much?


Helicopter parents may be taking away the same freedoms they once enjoyed

WATCH: How not to write a college essay

College & Career

Mash reporter Samantha deals (or tries to deal) with the college writing process

South Side charter school huddles up


Thanks to a big assist, Butler College Prep football team is ready to play