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Devin Hester: Bears want ‘to go a different route’


After eight seasons as a Bear, Devin Hester's career appears destined to finish elsewhere

X Games medalist Louie Vito snowboards on Lake Michigan


Louie Vito came to Chicago to take a perfect photo snowboarding on Lake Michigan with the skyline as the backdrop.

PROMathon 2014: Here are your four finalists!


The Mash is looking for its next prom queen! Vote for your favorite here!

Suing your parents for tuition? Really?


Rachel Canning claims they were abusive and should pay for private school and college.

What is the ‘Wiggle Jiggle?’


Could this dance turn into the new 'Harlem Shake?'

Conan O’Brien to host MTV Movie Awards


It will be his first time hosting the awards show.

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Take your account from high school to the real world with these 8 follows