It’s a music-heavy weekend with Lollapalooza in town! Below is a roundup of music-related news for your clicking pleasure if you’re stuck at home without Lolla tickets this weekend. Have a link to share? Post it in the comments below.

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters/Getty Images

Couldn’t afford Lollapalooza tickets or didn’t get them before they were sold out? Don’t stress. You can watch a live webcast of what’s playing on the Lolla YouTube Channel. You can see the schedule for the live feed directly on their page, but here are some highlights to look out for: Saturday— 3 p.m. Black Lips, 8 p.m. My Morning Jacket; Sunday— 6 p.m. Arctic Monkeys, 8 p.m. Foo Fighters.


Fans left flowers, pictures and messages for Amy Winehouse in Camden after her death./Getty Images

Missing Amy Winehouse? Download this unique FREE tribute mini-mix by Diwon.


Taylor Swift/Getty Images

Taylor Swift covering Eminem and Uncle Kracker? Say what?! Yep, at a concert in Grand Rapids, Mich. in July, Swift played a couple cover tunes while the crowd sang along. Gossip Center has the scoop on Taylor Swift’s cover songs, including a video you’ll definitely want to watch if you’re a fan.


Amber Riley of Glee/Getty Images

We love this recent interview with Glee’s Amber Riley (Mercedes) on the Chicago-based beauty blog, Afrobella. Amber talked about the “Mean Stinks” campaign with Secret to wipe out girl-to-girl meanness, what it’s like to be on Glee and some of her favorite plus-size clothing designers.


Heidi Montag/Getty Images

MAJOR FAIL: Heidi Montag spent how much on her failed music career? Heidi and Spencer Pratt spill the beans in this interview with The Daily Beast on what happens when reality-TV fame runs dry.


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