By Varnell Perez

Spike TV’s hit television show “Deadliest Warrior” wraps up its third season with a two-and-a-half-hour live special on Wednesday with not just two warriors, but four.

Did I mention that two of them are undead?

The finale answers the age-old question: If vampires and zombies got into a fight, who would win? In the other half of the double feature, World War II game-changers the Gurkhas face off against the French Foreign Legion.

“Deadliest Warrior” has always paired up historical war figures from different time periods and used modern-day technology to compute which one would be deadliest, so the fantasy-character episode is the first of its kind for the show.

According to Geoff Desmoulin, a host and biomedical scientist on the show, there was a fairly large demand for an episode featuring fictional characters.

“Spike is really good at listening to their fans,” Desmoulin said. “They look at the forums, comments and Twitter and really listen to what the fans want.”

With help from an expert panel of Hollywood horror movie royalty, including Steve Niles and George Romero, the “DW” team was able to test and figure out which iconic monster would come out on top.

During the finale, fans can tweet questions or write on the wall of the “Deadliest Warrior” fan page on Facebook and have their questions answered during the live portion of the show.



“Deadliest Warrior,” Spike

Live finale: 8 p.m. Wednesday (Sept. 14)

Rebroadcast: 10:30 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 17)

Watch for the zombies and vampires, stay for the action and gore.


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