Nikki Reid and Taylor Lautner in Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part 1


By Paige Smart
Whitney Young

Why do people hate “Twilight”? Is it because society can’t handle so much awesomeness at one time, in one book or movie? Is it because they’re afraid of sparkling vampires and good-looking wolves? Or is it because everything about “Twilight” is considered mainstream?

“Twilight” is great because it’s unexpected, simple and straightforward. It’s just something that everyone loves to hate, like Justin Bieber, for instance.

It may be considered lame or uncool to like “Twilight,” but you know what the world calls people who like “Twilight”? Leaders. We can tell if something’s going to go big or not.

I challenge you to read the “Twilight” series and watch the movies. Your friends never have to know. Then ask yourselves again: Do I hate this?

Maybe it’s simplistic, too fake or too insulting to your knowledge of vampires, but “hate” is such a strong word, and I doubt you’d hate it.

You’ll secretly choose between Team Edward or Team Jacob and want nothing to do with Bella, or you’ll enjoy some aspect of the special effects that goes into scenes such as a vampire baseball game.

With “Twilight,” you don’t have to think, you just need to be entertained. What’s so wrong with that?



By Neiko Rivera
Oak Park and River Forest

“Twilight” is definitely not my type of movie. I hate “Twilight” and my friends hate “Twilight.” My girlfriend, though, loves “Twilight.”

My girlfriend and I have movie nights and it was her decision to watch one of the “Twilight” movies. I thought, “Oh, OK, it won’t be that bad.”

Oh, but it was bad.

I hate how they took the fear away from werewolves and vampires. Now, every time a girl thinks of a vampire or werewolf they think Edward or Jacob and then they probably think of them shirtless.

All of my girlfriend’s friends talk about “Twilight” like there’s no tomorrow. For example, “OMG, did you just see that guy, I swear to God he looked exactly like Jacob.”

So I believe girls love “Twilight” because of the guys in the movie.

The movie just seems really stupid to me. The story line is so shallow. What, if I get eight hot guys and let them fight over one girl, can I also make a movie?

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