By Ellie Papadakis
Elk Grove

A jacket and scarf can only do so much to warm you up during Chicago’s frosty winter. The Windy City’s wintry weather can make even the bravest soul run back inside for cover when there’s snow on the ground and the wind is whistling. Why not warm up with hot chocolate? Here’s a list of some of our favorite places that add an extra twist to the classic holiday drink.

Editor’s note: The prices listed below are prices found in the Chicago area, but may vary from store to store if a place is part of a chain/has multiple locations.

Biggby Coffee’s mint hot chocolate tastes almost like the Girl Scout’s Thin Mint cookies. This drink is served hot or frozen. Also try the Frozen Teddy Bear White Chocolate, which mixes caramel and white chocolate, all topped with a big dollop of whipped cream.
Location: 21 S. Dunton Ave., Arlington Heights
Price: $3.68

This hot cocoa drink is made with dark chocolate and 2 percent milk. It can be served spicy, with cayenne pepper, chili pepper or cinnamon and chopped raspberries that can be added to the drink for an additional cost. Cassava is perfect for those who love spicy foods and chocolate. Now you can have both at the same time!
Location: 3338 N. Clark St., Chicago
Price: $2.95

Chef Rick Bayless hits the sweet spot with this Mexican hangout. The bean-to-cup chocolate is a Mexican version of hot chocolate that comes in five different varieties: authentic (fresh-ground chocolate and water), Aztec (chocolate, water, chile and allspice), classic (chocolate shot and 2 percent milk), almendrado (chocolate shot with almond milk) and Mexico City thick (a rich corn base mixed with chocolate, known as champurrado). Bonus: You can also get a freshly-made churro to dip in your hot chocolate!
Location: 449 N. Clark St. (entrance on Illinois), Chicago
Price: $2.75-$3.25

Bleeding Heart Bakery
The fact that Bleeding Heart is a bakery means that there are a ton of goodies to pair with your drink, including doughnuts, cookies, cake, cakeballs and other pastries. They serve their hot chocolate mild, minted or spicy. Different locations have different flavors!
Location: Various
Price: $3.75

Caribou Coffee
Caribou can make their hot cocoa with white, dark or milk chocolate. Each steamy cup is topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. This drink is perfect to pair with one of their chocolate chip cookies.
Location: Various
Price: $3.09-$3.79

Argo Tea
Argo’s blend of steamed cocoa and tea makes this drink taste exactly like a minty version of the real thing. Better yet, the mint chocolate tea can be enjoyed year-round because the store serves it hot or iced! While it’s not technically hot chocolate, it’s perfect for tea lovers who have a giant sweet tooth.
Location: Various
Price: $3.25

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