By Jerica Griffin

From the magical “Harry Potter” series and the extremely sparkly “Twilight Saga,” to werewolves attacking our TVs and movie theaters, the supernatural have dominated teen pop culture. So what’s next? How about a horde of decaying creatures just begging for some human company?

It might be a while before we have a zombie romance—rotting corpses are unattractive and unfortunately don’t have abs—but zombies are becoming very popular lately.
Feed your craving for flesh with these zombie-themed favorites.

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”
Author Seth Grahame-Smith puts his own nightmarish spin on a classic romance novel. Readers get most of Jane Austen’s original story, but also illustrations of Elizabeth Bennet determined to wipe out the zombie menace. What man can’t fall for a woman who kills zombies?

“The Zombie Survival Guide”
This is your go-to guide for surviving the impending apocalypse. Author Max Brooks gives in-depth and illustrated descriptions of the undead enemy and how to fight them.

“World War Z”
Another by Max Brooks, this novel tells the devastating experiences of survivors from the worldwide zombie war, following the battle from beginning to end as society faced near destruction. Bonus: Brad Pitt stars in the movie adaptation set for Dec. 12.

“Zombies vs. Unicorns”
A group of authors takes sides to prove which mythical creature is better: Team Zombie, led by Justine Larbalestier, or Team Unicorn, led by Holly Black. Read unique short stories and author commentary about zombies and unicorns.

“Dawn of the Dead”
This is probably the best zombie flick of all time. A band of people hide out from the apocalypse in an empty shopping mall, making it their home as they fight off zombies and a gang of bikers.

“Shaun of the Dead”
Shaun just can’t catch a break: He’s not taken seriously at work, he loses his girlfriend and the world gets taken over by zombies. But he’s determined to prove his worth as a hero instead of a loser, and win back his girlfriend.

A downplayed “Scott Pilgrim”-esque storyline thrown into a brutal apocalyptic world, unlikely hero Columbus teams up with tough Tallahassee to find zombie-free territory while crossing paths with two sneaky females trying to survive by any means necessary.

“High School of the Dead”
This anime features a group of high schoolers and their school nurse in the middle of the outbreak. They set off on a journey to survive the virus plaguing the world and survive the fall of humanity as they know it.

“The Walking Dead”
Officer Rick Grimes and his family join a team of survivors as they search for a safe haven from the horde of “walkers.” Relationships are formed and broken, and their humanity is at stake. Based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman.

every night i have the same dream, issue 2, vol. 2 t-shirt
From threadless.com, this nightmarish shirt features graphic zombie-versus-human battle scenes in the style of a comic book on the front and back of the shirt. Get it for $9.50!

“I wouldn’t be caught dead in a zombie apocalypse” T-shirt
If you’re the type to keep your closet fully stocked with supplies and know exactly how to maneuver your way around the undead, then this shirt is for you. Available at Hot Topic for $22.50 to $26.50.

Iron Fist Dead Broke Wallet
Earn some odd stares from cashiers with this soft vegan vinyl wallet by Iron Fist. For $20, who better to guard your cash than a zombie? Available in green and pink at amazon.com.

Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Platform Shoes
Iron Fist has the perfect shoes to match your Iron Fist wallet! Available at amazon.com for $46.

“Keep Calm And Kill Zombies” Zip Hoodie
Inspired by the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster, this hoodie will help you keep your cool while you’re fighting off zombies. Sold for women and men at hottopic.com for $42.50 and $55.50.

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