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Sure, we care about who snags the best actor or best picture at the Oscars, but we admit we love watching awards show because of one thing: Fashion! Who did it right this time? Our fashion police—including B96’s Showbiz Shelly—patrolled the red carpet.

Michelle Williams: 

Showbiz Shelly: I love the style, cut and color of this dress, but the style, color and cut of her hair is a different story. The pixie cut makes her look like a teenager going to prom. She needs to go back to her “Dawson’s Creek” days.

Nia: There is so much going on with this dress, I don’t even know where to begin.

Rachel: The dress is like looking at a sunset, just not as relaxing.

Sara: The coral color of her dress really complements her skin tone. What a doll.


Angelina Jolie: 

Showbiz Shelly: Angelina always looks gorgeous. I just hope she returned the velvet drapes after the show. And yes, we know you have nice legs.

Nia: Is velvet ever a hot look in L.A.??? Survey says, “NO!”

Rachel: Is that a dress or an arrow pointing to her leg?

Sara: Did she just wear the velvet drapes from her house?






Kate Mara:

Showbiz Shelly: Kate, I think the tailor missed a piece on your right arm. Oh, wait …

Nia: Talk about flesh tone. I had to look hard to tell she was even wearing a dress.

Rachel: The dress is gorgeous, but it has one flaw. Is it a sleeve or did someone rip her strap?

Sara: Hey, Kate, your dress is falling off!




Esperanza Spalding:

Showbiz Shelly: The staff won’t need to dust after she sweeps through the theater. The hair is also a bit reminiscent of Beyonce from “Austin Powers in Goldmember.”

Nia: Her ‘fro looks almost as tired as she does. But the color of her dress works for me.

Rachel: I get the feeling you like oversized things?

Sara: There’s something so natural about this look. Just not right for the Oscars.



Emma Stone: 

Showbiz Shelly: While the red color compliments her hair nicely, not sure if I like the style. All I want for Christmas is an Oscar dress for next year.

Nia: Her bow looks like it is holding her back from having a good time.

Rachel: The dress is perfect except for the extra fabric that someone forgot to cut off the shoulder.

Sara: This would have been really nice but the bow looks like its choking her.



Anna Faris: 

Showbiz Shelly: So that’s how Morticia Adams would look as a blonde.

Nia: If this dress is the costume for the next “Scary Movie,” then we have a winner.

Rachel: Let me get my sunglasses. It’s a little too shimmery for my liking.

Sara: You can’t go wrong with black sparkles. I like it!

You can hear Showbiz Shelly, the entertainment reporter for B96, every weekday morning reporting on the latest celebrity gossip. At 7:15 a.m., she takes on listeners in the Showbiz Shelly Smackdown, a pop culture quiz. Follow Shelly on Twitter: @showbizshelly

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