By Dulce Escutia

To go along with any outfit, a girl needs the right shoes. But for a prom dress? I need a pair of fabulous heels! I love shoes, and it was thrilling to try on different styles and colors!

But the best part about shopping was that it was very distracting. I was only focused on the shoes and nothing else mattered. I guess I needed that distraction. I had some minor issues with my Navy ROTC scholarship and it has been very frustrating to make some final college decisions. I’m glad I had to think about either black or silver heels for a moment other than Purdue or Marquette University.

School has been buzzing with homework and projects so I feel like I’ve been running around like crazy! AP macroeconomics is my most difficult class and I want to boost my grade. I’m also really proud of a sculpture I made in my mixed-media art class.

Also, Taft’s ROTC has been preparing our battalion for the annual military inspection. After a ceremony with our guest inspecting officers, we hope to receive the Distinguished Unit Award for the 12th consecutive time. It would be the greatest accomplishment for our senior year. I’m also looking forward to my last military ball with my friends. That’s the biggest event we’ve been planning and we can’t wait for it!

Now, about prom. Our prom committee had a brilliant idea to have twinkling lights on the ceiling. It’s going to look great! I’m so excited to share ideas and contribute with some money as part of being the PROMathon queen. After all, a little goes a long way.

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