By Emma Discher
Wheaton Warrenville South

This fourth of July I was inspired by a DIY post on Pinterest. I thought that this tank would be a perfect way to show my patriotism while watching fireworks. It was also easy and fun to make! It’s never too late to show your spirit—check out my directions to make one of your own.


  • 1 white 100 percent cotton t-shirt or tank top
  • Red and Blue fabric spray paint (I used Simply Spray brand in “Blue Jay” and “Poppy Red”)
  • Painter’s tape or masking tape
  • A pen or pencil
  • Index cards or cardstock
  • Scissors


Tape out a box for the stars in the upper left-hand corner of your shirt. Then, continue taping the stripes of the flag based on this box.

Next, draw a star on your cardstock the size that you want. Cut and trace as many stars as you need for your design.

Tape these stars into place using rolled up pieces of the painters tape.

Spray your tank making sure to cover the opposite section. (If you’re spraying the stripes with red, cover the stars with newspaper, and visa versa.)

Let your masterpiece air-dry before washing with cold water. Although the fabric spray that I used recommended 72 hours of air-drying, I left it overnight before it was ready to go!

Not sure what to do with the extra fabric paint? Simplyspray.com has plenty of craft ideas including a cool tie-dyed design I used on some old shirts!

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