By Emmie Rizvi

As record-breaking heat continues to take over Chicago, ladies can’t help but ask these questions: How will I stop from having two different skin complexions? How will I prevent raccoon eyes?

Lucky for you, we have tips to help prevent makeup malfunctions that may occur this summer. Say goodbye to melting faces, smudging eyeliner and sticky lip gloss.

Tinted moisturizers. Instead of bulking on foundations and powders,  stay simple and keep your face looking fresh with tinted moisturizers that will hydrate your face, act as a cover up and also protect your face with SPF. Physicians Formula Organic Wear is an all-organic tinted moisturizer sold at ULTA that only costs $11.89, where as other tinted moisturizers can cost up to $40.

Opt for lighter-colored eye shadows. Vibrant colors make people look brighter and lighter. Just as you’d wear lighter colors in the summer, do the same with makeup. Wear lighter shades of eye shadow to prevent the clumpy, hot mess look. Dark, smoky eyes can easily rub and end up all over your face. A lighter shadow will look cleaner even if it rubs and smudges.

Waterproof mascara. When spending a day at the beach, waterproof mascara is the perfect way to achieve the lengthy lash look all day long. You can swim and play sand volleyball and the mascara stays on. Neutrogena Healthy Volume Waterproof Mascara gives volume and is actually waterproof, unlike some that claim to be waterproof but run down your face by the end of the night. Find it at your local drugstores for $7.99

Glossy or tinted lip balm. Try switching to a lip balm that creates a glossy look to avoid dealing with a lip gloss and sticky mess. Burt’s Bees have good tinted balm, and Nivea also makes tinted lip balms with SPF for only $2.54.

Powdered eyeliner. To stop raccoon eyes, try powdered eyeliner instead of liquid or pencil to avert blackened eyes. Eyeliner oftentimes smudges very easily in the heat and humidity. However, powdered eyeliner is the cleanest way to keep your eyes looking alive without the smudging.

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