By Sara Angel
Dominican University

To some, back to school could be the most dreaded of days, but to others it’s a new start. Lucky enough, there are movies that help even the non-believers get through the intensity of a new school year.

“High School Musical 3: Senior Year”
Say hello to senior year! If Troy and Gabriella can make it through the school play, prom, graduation and college decisions, all while singing, you can too!

Sure, Matilda is a little younger, but her eagerness should motivate the rest of us. Remember when school was simple arithmetic and spelling? Piece of chocolate cake.

“Dead Poets Society”

Oh, captain, my captain! High school is a time for a new mentality and new teachers. You’ll never know which ones will inspire you and push you to greatness.

“Billy Madison”

This Adam Sandler flick will have you laughing at the insanity that is 12 years of education.

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>> Sara Angel is a 2012 graduate of Whitney Young.

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