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Stop obsessing over the “Jelena” split. Here’s why:

By Daniaja Davis
Whitney Young

So Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez finally split. But is anyone really surprised they did? Sure, it may have been unexpected for some, but it wasn’t a big shocker. What was a big shocker was how the breakup was handled in the media. Allegedly, just days after the breakup, The Biebs posted a photo on Instagram of himself on a date with a young model.

The day the breakup went public, Selena posted that photo on her twitter page, and what followed was an influx of tweets from some of Selena’s “supporters” bashing Justin on Twitter. Not to mention the flood of tweets from the “Beliebers” who were sad, angry, happy, or just all over the place, which led to Twitter fights of Beliebers against…Beliebers, but what else is new.

The fact that this breakup meant so much people is outrageous. It is not that important for everyone to get all worked up about. Chances are they’re probably going to get back together anyway because that’s what Hollywood is; drama, anything to be in the spotlight for a while. Fans should be fans because of the music, not because of who is dating who. And no, ladies, just because they broke up does not mean your chances of marrying him have increased—your chances are the same as they were before: zero. So instead of stalking every detail of their lives how about we all go do something important, like read a book, or get your homework done.

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