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By Varnell Perez
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With “Breaking Dawn-Part 2” in theaters on Friday, two of the Volturi—Felix (Daniel Cudmore) and Demetri (Charlie Bewley) —paid Chicago a visit. The Mash talked to Cudmore and Bewley about what fans can look forward to the most.

How do you guys feel about the “Twilight Saga” ending?
Daniel Cudmore: Bittersweet, I guess. It’s tough, we were as invested in the film as … the top three (actors). … We put in a lot of hard work and had some pretty wild adventures and a lot of fun along the way. We got to experience this rollercoaster ride this whole series, but I’m excited for … the next project.

How do you think the fans will react to the last movie?
Charlie Bewley: I think they’ll love it. … It’s done so well and believably and you’re with it the whole way. (We’ve) had to introduce 25 new vampires, take the story to the Volturi, develop that angle … and then you’ve also got Bella becoming a vampire, which is fantastic. … She brings out a side of herself that we’ve not yet seen. The fans have everything they’re going to want, plus many, many surprises.

What makes the Volturi clan better than the rest of the vampires?
Daniel Cudmore: We’re awesome. (Laughs)
Charlie Bewley: Because we’ve survived far longer.

What can fans look forward to?
Charlie Bewley: There are some great vampires in this new one, like the Romanians; they’re hilarious. And then you have another two dozen other vampires coming in who all play their roles brilliantly and all have their moment to shine. … And I think that’s what people are going to enjoy so much about this next movie. There are all these fresh characters and it’s expanded the universe of “Twilight.”

Since “Breaking Dawn” and “Red Dawn” (in theaters Nov. 21) both have the word “dawn” in it, who do you think would win if the characters in the movie were to ever face off in real life?
Daniel Cudmore: Humans against vampires? They’re going to shoot us with guns that aren’t going to do anything. We’d pop their heads off like daisies.

Other than yourself, who’s your favorite vampire?
Daniel Cudmore: I’m going to go with “Sesame Street’s” the Count.

What are some of your most memorable moments working together?
Daniel Cudmore: I think it’s always been Italy. In “New Moon,” we were fortunate enough to go. We didn’t know that was in the plan when we first signed on. I thought I was going to shoot an X amount of time in Vancouver and then that would be it, and then all of a sudden the agent calls and says, “Hey, you’re flying to Italy to film a few scenes,” and I was just blown away. I got to go to this beautiful Italian town and film some great scenes and there were like 5,000 fans surrounding the city.
Charlie Bewley: It was nuts. It was a surreal experience. Everywhere (we) went there were hoards of fans being held back by security guards.
Daniel Cudmore: I actually got held back by a security guard. At one point he didn’t know who I was and they had to have someone come over with a badge—it was ridiculous.

Any crazy fan stories?
Daniel Cudmore: That was a crazy fan story. People were scratching at the windows of the van.
Charlie Bewley: People climbing all over their moms and friends to get closer to the car.
Daniel Cudmore: The crazy thing is that there were kids 15-, 16-years-old, and I’m like, “Where you from?” Someone said Brazil.

What will you miss the most about the series?
Charlie Bewley: The experience in general. What I’ll miss about having “Twilight” in my life is the unconditional love of the fans. It’s been heartwarming. … I’m sure it will never go away but we move on and I’m sure everything will replace itself.
Daniel Cudmore: The fans have been such a positive energy all the time; it’s overwhelming at some points.

After “Twilight,” what do you think will be the next big thing?
Daniel Cudmore:  I think “Twilight” was such a lightning in a bottle type deal that had such a big fan following  the books … and then Summit did a great job of … not straying away from the books. I don’t know if there’s anything (big) right now, but I could be 100 percent wrong.
Charlie Bewley: I don’t think “Twilight” will ever be replaced. I don’t think it needs to be replaced. It will live on forever. It will be remembered as this cultural phenomenon that took everyone by complete surprise.

What’s next for you two?
Charlie Bewley: “Hammer of the Gods.” It’s a Viking movie (and) I play Steinar. It’s full of British talent and it comes out April of next year.
Daniel Cudmore: I have a project called “Forward Until Dawn.” It’s from the “Halo” video game franchise. … I’ve got a movie called “Big Time Outlaws,” which is sort of this action shoot ‘em up comedy where I play Lincoln Oodie and that comes out next year, and that was a blast to film.

—Varnell Perez is a 2012 graduate of Eisenhower.

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