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When the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in New Orleans, families across the nation will be sitting on their couches, huddled around their TVs and munching on an array of game day snacks.

Then comes the most anticipated part of the night. Fans rewind to see it again and even shush their family members if they’re not being quiet. Of course, I’m not talking about an interception or a big sack—I’m talking about the commercials.

The Super Bowl has been the biggest cash crop for commercials for years. According to Advertising Age, the average spot for this year’s championship game, which airs on CBS, rings in at a whopping $3.8 million. From cars to candy, companies go all out to bring in the biggest buzz for their products. Some companies even release previews of their ads on YouTube and, this year, on Hulu’s Toyota AdZone.

Celebrities have been brought in and old characters have been brought back, but which ads will live up to expectations?



YouTube Preview Image

Title: “Sunny Side”

Link: Search “Volkswagen Sunny Side” on YouTube.

Plot: A bunch of C-list Internet celebrities who have earned their claim to fame by having viral meltdowns, such as Crying Cat Lover from the “eHarmony Video Bio,” find out it’s “time to get happy.”

My take: It’s an OK concept, but it seems like VW scraped together the “Jersey Shore” of YouTube stars. I’d prefer someone more recognizable, like Rebecca Black, to these talentless nobodies.

Grade: Ehhh, I guess I’ll watch.



YouTube Preview Image

Title: “I Wish”

Link: Search “I Wish Toyota” on Hulu.

Plot: “The Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco walks around in a purple pantsuit with a chihuahua dressed in purple clothes, granting people’s wishes. The clips ends with her sitting next to a man in a rabbit costume in the newest Toyota mid-sized model.

My take: The fact that the lyrics (from the rap song “I Wish” by Skee-Lo) match the plot made me laugh the first time, and the teaser’s straight-faced ending still makes me giggle.

Grade: Ssshhh, it’s on!



YouTube Preview Image

Title: “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion”

Link: Search “Kate Upton Mercedes” on YouTube.

Plot: Kate Upton wears a mildly skimpy outfit and blows bubbles out of her hand in slow motion while boys in football jerseys wash the car she should be washing.

My take: This commercial has gotten some media attention for being too sexy, but does no one else think that the “Go Daddy” commercials are sexier than this? She never even washes the car!

Grade: Take a bathroom break.


Taco Bell

YouTube Preview Image

Title: “Grandpa Goes Wild”

Link: Search “Grandpa Goes Wild” on Hulu.

Plot: An old man on an electric scooter pops wheelies and does some property damage on a football field while “Jump Around” by House of Pain plays in the background.

My take: It’s funny to watch seniors do bad things, but the music definitely made the commercial for me. I think it’ll be a change of pace from the other ads.

Grade: Ssshhh, it’s on!



YouTube Preview Image

Title: “Mirage”

Link: Search “Coca-Cola Mirage

teaser” on Hulu.

Plot: A team of cowboys, a group of guys on crazy, motorcycle-ish machines, and a tour bus full of showgirls are all racing in the desert toward a giant bottle of Coke. The twist? Fans can go to cokechase.com and choose who the winner will be on Sunday.

My take: At first glance, the ad seems lame, but the idea that viewers get to choose the final commercial is pretty cool. Oh wait, doesn’t Doritos already do that?

Grade: Ehhh, I guess I’ll watch it.



YouTube Preview Image

Title: “Space Babies”

Link: Search “Kia Space Babies teaser” on Hulu.

Plot: A team made up of all species of babies—human, penguin, hippo, dog, giraffe, orca, elephant, rhino, pig and panda—walk out of a tunnel waving proudly in slow motion. Oh, and they’re in space suits.

My take: Babies, cute animals and costumes in one commercial? It was only a 15-second preview, but I like it already. The hamsters were getting old, anyway.

Grade: Ssshhh, it’s on!



YouTube Preview Image

Title: “Focus Group”

Link: Search “Focus Group teaser” on Hulu.

Plot: The teaser opens with a focus group giving their opinions on a regular cars.com commercial, when a man bursts in through the door and confesses his love to the woman running the group. The cameraman, who is supposedly her new boyfriend, gets involved and throws the obnoxious ex across the table where the group is sitting. The love triangle leaves the room in a screaming fit as the people in the focus group are left bewildered. The ad ends saying that on Sunday, cars.com will “bring the drama.”

My take: I honestly have no idea what to think of this. I’ve watched it three or four times already to try to process it. It definitely makes me curious about what kind of ad they’re looking to pull off.

Grade: Ssshhh, it’s on!



YouTube Preview Image

Title:YourBigIdea.co” and “Fly the Danica Skies”

Link: Go to videos.godaddy.com or search “GoDaddy” on Hulu.

Plot: Men from around the world are talking to their wives about their “one big idea,” and how they don’t have to put it online because no one has thought of it yet, when actually they all have the same idea. The last guy is a man who actually registered the idea online and now has a private jet flown by returning GoDaddy girl Danica Patrick. She’s also featured in the other ad, sexily climbing into the cockpit of a plane.

My take: I think they’ve pushed Danica Patrick so hard that she’s about to fall out of the plane. Get a new girl, already. But I do like the plot that “oh, nobody has this idea but me,” when really it has already been done.

Grade: Ehhh, I guess I’ll watch it.



YouTube Preview Image

Title: “Crash the Super Bowl”

Link: crashthesuperbowl.com

Plot: Doritos’ now famous “Crash the Super Bowl” competition drums up not only mainstream media attention, but also social media attention. Fans can go online and watch the finalists’ ads to see which one will actually make prime time. The top-watched video is currently about a deranged goat that eats Doritos.

My take: Doritos never actually drums up anything great, but the fans do. If anything, watch for the laughs and the intense creativity that the sent-in ads will display.

Grade: Ssshhh, it’s on!



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