Make your own Lolla accessory!

By Jessica Lynk

When we think of music festival fashion, flower crowns are one of the first things that come to mind. Sorry, guys. Although you can buy flower crowns at stores like Forever 21 and Akira, you can also make them yourself. You’ll get exactly what you want and usually spend less cash.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to making your own personalized flower crown!

1. Collect your supplies. Head to a craft store and pick up the following items: Fake flowers of any variety or size (get creative!), floral wire, floral tape and scissors.

Mash photos by Jessica Lynk, Hersey

Mash photos by Jessica Lynk, Hersey

2. Make a base. Floral wire will create a sturdy base for the flowers and act as a headband. First, determine where you want the crown to sit on your head. Then, measure out enough wire to fit around that area, and loop the wire around your head three more times to create a thick base. Secure the wire loop by wrapping the loose ends with extra wire.


3. Wrap it up. Wrap your wire loop in floral tape. It gives the flowers something to hang onto and pulls the wire together into a more comfortable crown.


4. Cut the flowers. Trim the fake flowers from their stems, but be sure to leave at least and inch of stem to work with. If you cut too close to the bud, you’ll risk losing flowers when you wear your crown—no one wants that.


5. Attach the flowers. Take the stem of one flower and lay it flat against the base of the crown. Then, wrap the wire twice around the stem and move on to the next one. Take another flower and repeat the process. You can be as creative as you want here.


6. Continue wrapping. It should start to look something like this. Be careful to keep all the flowers on one side so that it can sit flat on your head. Pro tip: Overlap the flowers so that there are no gaps in your crown.


7. Stop when you want to. Decide how you want your crown to look—you might cover the entire thing or just half in flowers. When you’re done adding flowers, wrap the wire around the band several times to secure the crown. Then, cover the excess wire in floral tape so it doesn’t poke you.



8. You’re done! This is how our flower crown turned out, but yours will probably look different—it’s all part of the DIY fun. If you followed this tutorial, send us a photo of your creation at themash@tribune.com, or Instagram it to @MashChicago.


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