Theresa Richmond, Bloom TrailTHERESA RICHMOND
Junior, Bloom Trail

Theresa’s essay:
Prom: That four letter word is what every girl dreams of being one of the most memorable day in her life. Over the past several months my mom has been overseas in Afghanistan, so money has been tight around the house and I was unable to attend some of the major events at the school such as Turnabout and Homecoming. To make things worse, my mom won’t even be home to see me for Prom and as her oldest daughter I know that it saddens her whenever I talk about that subject matter. So if I could even have the opportunity to achieve the perfect prom with the help of Macy’s, that would make not only me the happiest person in the world, but my mom also. That’s why if I became the PROMathon Queen I will have a night to remember and be forever grateful for the opportunity. That’s why I think I deserve to win PROMathon Queen.

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