By Zobia Chunara

Too much technology can sometimes be too exhausting. So try these ideas on how to make use of your day without plugging yourself into cyberspace.

Learn how to cook. Hey, you have spare time, and if you are craving some apple pie or even some Chinese fried rice, you can try making some of your own yummy noodles.

Read. During the school year, it’s very difficult to read a book for pleasure. However, more time can be made when there’s no Facebook and you may have time to try a new book or reread some of those old Harry Potter books.

Get homework done and get more sleep. Instead of dozing off while your teacher is lecturing in class, you can get all your homework done and get a good eight hours of sleep. How good does that sound?

Play games with your family. Board games, computer games, card games, you name it, will allow for you to be closer to your family and work together to win.

Go to the park and have a picnic. Think about the last time you played outside on a slide or on the swings.  Well, you can pack up some sandwiches and go to the park with your friends and play tag like the good ol’ days.

Make something. Whether it be origami, a little night stand for your bed or even a sock puppet. Have fun with it. You may event want to knit or crochet a gift for someone.

Walk. Take a walk around your neighborhood and find out what you’ve never noticed before.

Write letters to family members in other countries. Yes, it’s snail mail, but it is a thoughtful way to connect with family and it’s more personal.

Invite your friends over. You can be in contact with real people face-to-face-without Tumblr! Have a sleepover with movies, card games or even truth or dare.

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