Rachel Holderman,                            Jack Howard,                               Marek Makowski,
Bartlett                                                      York                                                   Huntley
Anna Marketti,                                     Chevelle Blackburne,
Homewood-Flossmoor                                          Kenwood 

Give us a summer to-do list for the athlete of your choice.

RACHEL: Derrick Rose’s to-do list looks like this: 1. Get better. 2. Get better. 3. Get better.

JACK: LeBron to, uh, choke.

MAREK: For LeBron James: Finish the last book in “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

ANNA: Dear Carlos Marmol: 1) Do not let more runs in. 2) Make the batter strike out more. 3) Maybe grow a mustache? 4) Don’t cause nice people to become irritable and rude by blowing the game.

CHEVELLE: Rafael Nadal: 1) Play better tennis, 2) get cool like Federer, 3) be less of a nadal, 4) eat something so you can stop biting your trophies


How is sports like graduation?

RACHEL: You remember the good memories while at the same time you wish it all would end because you’re ready for something new.

JACK: It can be sweaty.

MAREK: Uh … they both have walking in there somewhere.

ANNA: You get really excited for it, and then it comes, and then you’re either severely disappointed or ecstatic. But at least you got peanuts, right?

CHEVELLE: There’s always that one guy who everyone ROARS for and then that person that makes everyone go: WHO?!


How is 36-year-old Paul Konerko playing better than ever?

RACHEL: Pixie dust.

JACK: How good was he before?

MAREK: He’s tacked on a third of his career Player of the Week awards in just this year!

ANNA: Well, he could have been a 36-year-old man-who-still-lives-in-his-mom’s-basement, so I guess that’s better.

CHEVELLE: He realized 36 was a perfect square and the rest is history! or something like that…


How would you make the Summer Olympics more London-y?

RACHEL: By adding “London-y” events like solving mysteries, tea-drinking contests and Quidditch.

JACK: Make marathoners stop for tea midway through the race.

MAREK: Add Quidditch to the events and let Harry Potter referee!

ANNA: Dunk tanks filled with tea!

CHEVELLE: They could bring back all the Beatles (or Coldplay) to light the fire 🙂

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