As a new school year is about to begin, you may face some tough decisions about who to be friends with. We asked: Can you be friends with a freshman? Two seniors weighed in with their thoughts.

By Alex Vassiliadis

Is there any reason why you shouldn’t? Freshmen are new to the high school environment, but they shouldn’t be treated like some fragile toy you’re afraid you might break. In fact, bringing in a freshman to your circle and making him or her feel more welcome is probably a great thing. Now, romantic relationships between seniors and freshmen, that’s where the situation gets a little iffy.

By Kaylah Sosa

Of course you can be friends with a freshman! We were all there once: frightened and nervous on the first day of school. Be the upperclassman you wish was there for you. There’s a common misconception that the second you’re done being a freshman, you can never talk to a freshman again. People always seem to forget what it was like to be younger. It’s like everyone has on their upperclassman blinders.

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For more questions answered by Alex and Kaylah, check out The Mash’s Back to School issue as part of the August 5 Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune.

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