Teen buying Hot Cheetos

A teen buys Hot Cheetos-like snacks at a Chicago convenience store. PHOTO/CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Addicted to Hot Cheetos? You’re not alone, especially if you’re a teen.

But for many school administrators and public health advocates, the wild popularity of the Frito Lay spicy snack known as Flamin’ Hots inspires concern. To many, they’ve become shorthand for everything that is wrong with the diets of American children. Obesity rates among American children have actually tripled since 1980.

While it’s true that Flamin’ Hots, also known as Hot Cheetos, deliver high levels of salt, fat and artificial colors with little nutrition or fiber in return, the same can be said for similar snacks.

Yet, there’s something about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that inflames critics in a way that other snacks—including regular Cheetos—never have. Some schools and districts, including the Noble Street Charter School Network, have banned Flamin’ Hots by name, citing nutritional concerns.

Watch the video to see more about what teens say about their reasons for constantly eating Hot Cheetos.

Read the full story in the Chicago Tribune: “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos inspire fanatic loyalty among kids”

And check out the taste test results for all the Hot Cheetos competitors

>> Are you addicted to hot Cheetos or the copycat versions? Or, do you have friends who are? What do you think about the amount of these snacks that teens consume? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @mashchicago!

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