Apple’s newly introduced iPad Mini and 4th generation iPad are seen during Apple’s special event at the California Theatre in San Jose on Oct. 23 in California.

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If you’ve recently been asking for an iPhone that doesn’t make calls, weighs less than a pound, and costs less than the iPad’s hefty price tag but is bigger than an iPod touch, Apple has finally heeded your call. Well not really, because the iPad Mini can’t make calls like a phone—although you can FaceTime in HD or Skype with it (to be fair). But still, it’s pretty awesome, and more affordable with a price tag starting at $329 for the 16GB model versus $499 for the new full-size iPad with its fancy Retina display.

Apple launched the iPad Mini on Tuesday, a smaller, sleeker version of the company’s beloved tablet. A whopping 23% thinner than the full-size iPad, the Mini also boasts an HD camera and Siri assistance while supporting all the same apps as its big brother, but with a 7.9 inch screen. While the tech specs are more sophisticated, does that mean it’ll top teen’s Christmas lists this year?

While I think it might not be at the very top, it could definitely rank in the top ten. The $329 price tag doesn’t necessarily seem worthwhile for a shrunken version of the iPad, but the smaller design could pique interest among teens because of the lower price point. With the opportunity to incorporate tablets into the classroom, the iPad Mini could also become a hit with teachers and students alike.

Check out all the iPad Mini specs here.

Apple joins the small tablet market, competing with existing brands such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy tablet. Apple has sold more than 100 million iPads as of two weeks ago, CEO Tim Cook said at the event yesterday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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