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It can be tough to figure out which political party you align with, especially if you don’t pay close attention to politics and the news. Some of our reporters at The Mash took a presidential election quiz at to figure out which candidate they matched up with the most. Here are the results.

Kasey Carlson
Whitney Young
I wasn’t surprised Obama was my first pick, but I was shocked that 94 percent of my issue preferences directly correlated with his. Besides him, I was curious about the third-party candidates I was matched with, especially Jill Stein. Some of my Libertarian friends have been talking about third-party candidates a lot, and I didn’t consider that maybe I could belong to the Green Party or the Libertarian Party. Though I’m not sure I would vote for a third-party candidate and risk my least favorite of the two main candidates winning, I think that this has widened my idea of my own political spectrum.

Kelsey Farrell
Holy Democrat, Batman! I’m actually quite pleased with my results. As someone who’s never been totally clear on which political parties believe in what, I’m happy to know that my views align with who I find to be the best candidate. As a high school student, social policy is my biggest concern, but I do find it interesting that I tend to side with Romney on domestic policy.

Breana Brill
Niles West
Honestly, I’m not that surprised that I sided more with President Obama. Although I don’t claim to be a registered Democrat or a Republican, I do feel that I agree with most of President Obama’s views on the economy, immigration and especially foreign policy. This quiz is a smart way to really find out what your views are for political issues, because a lot of people tend to like a candidate more only because they support that political party. I did think it was interesting that I sided about 75 percent with the Libertarian Party. I never thought of myself leaning toward Libertarian views before.

Gabriela Bosquez
I have to admit, I was pretty surprised that I sided with Jill Stein at 86 percent and with Obama only 77 percent. I always thought I was more of a Democrat and if I was eligible to vote this year, it would definitely be for Obama. I thought it was hilarious that I only agreed with Romney 16 percent and only regarding economic issues. I know there are only a couple of issues that I don’t agree with the Democratic Party, such as foreign policy.

Celena Chong
Naperville North
While my entire family is starkly conservative, I’ve been told that I have some Libertarian and liberal perspectives. I’ve always considered myself to be fiscally conservative, but socially liberal. I like to believe it’s a good fit for my more laid-back personality. For example, I’ve always been pro-choice; I believe that the government shouldn’t delegate or decide what ought to be personal decision. That’s why I wasn’t too surprised when I sided with 73 percent of Obama’s views. I know that my economic views are more in line with Romney, as I’m against heavy taxing of the middle class—we should provide enough resources for the financially disadvantaged to be more educated because education is the root of thinking and how one chooses to live his or her life—and I’m more for tax cuts.

>> Which candidate do YOU connect with most on the issues? Take the online quiz at and let us know below in the comments or tweet us @mashchicago. If you email us an image of your results and a few sentences about whether you were surprised, happy, sad, or whatever else you felt about it, we’ll add your results to this story. Send us the following information: image of results, explanation, a photo of you, your name, grade and school to by Election Day (Nov. 6, 2012) to participate. You must attend a high school in the Chicago area.

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