Supporters of gay marriage celebrate after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act ( DOMA) and declined to rule on the California law Proposition 8 in Washington, D.C., U.S. on Wednesday, June 26, 2013. (Bloomberg Photo)

By Rachel Holderman

Today the U.S. saw a long overdue step toward the progress of gaining total equality. The Supreme Court dismissed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), an act that unconstitutionally denied giving marital benefits to married same-sex couples. As same-sex couples rejoiced in the streets, I couldn’t help but be happy for them. They deserve it. They’ve fought long and hard, and through protests and petitions they have won a rewarding victory.

The entire U.S. has won a victory because now we have an inspiration to strive for: perfect equality internationally. If same-sex couples can do it, what’s stopping other groups in our own country and other countries around the world? Rights are rights. Every single person deserves them no matter what race, gender or even sexual orientation. The U.S. is supposed to be the model for equality for the rest of the world, so it’s about time that same-sex couples have the same advantages as everyone else.

I’m so proud to have witnessed this amazing act of change. The U.S. has become an even better place now. It’s truly wonderful to see the country endorsing the morals that our country was built upon.

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