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By Maggie Harden
Vernon Hills

College Facebook groups are a great way to meet people, find out more about a school and even scout for potential roommates. However, they’re often full of people with either poor social media etiquette or just strange personalities. Here are some of the most common types of people you’ll find on a college’s Facebook page.

1. The self-promoter

These people are the ones that list every one of their high school accomplishments in their introductory post. Most of the self-promoters will say something similar to “I was really involved in high school, and I plan to continue that in college” at some point, and they’re probably double-majoring, speak three languages and working on publishing their own young adult novel.

2. The serial poster

Serial posters just can’t contain their excitement about college and meeting new people. They post well wishes on every holiday, whether it be Christmas or Presidents Day, and their first post looks more like a biography than a quick snippet. They comment, like and reply to everything, no matter how trivial, and it seems like they live and breathe the class page.

3. The one who’s really interested in rushing and wants their roommate to be, too

Even at schools with a smaller Greek population, there’s always a sizeable amount of girls who seem like they’re destined for sorority life. They’re usually bubbly, get 100+ likes on their Instagram photos and are looking for a roommate to be their live-in best friend.

4. The troll

Trolls are everywhere on Facebook, but they especially seem to congregate in college Facebook groups. They’re either people who got added by mistake, or they have just made it their mission to annoy everyone else. Trolls are usually the first ones to post about contentious topics (politics), or the ones to crack an uncomfortable joke,  crossing multiple lines and offending most of the group.

5. The saint

Saints usually have profile pictures depicting them holding a small child or volunteering at some community-benefit event. They most definitely wrote their admissions essay on their service trip to an underprivileged country, and they’re going to be the type of roommate that’s never in the room because they’re always off volunteering at some drive or fundraiser.

6. The one who wants to start working out in college and will need a gym buddy

This person’s looking to live in the building close to the workout facilities, and they’re usually in search of a roommate who can motivate them because they want to avoid the freshman 15. However, they’re also usually the type of person who’s down for anything, even if you want to order a pizza at 3 a.m., so staying fit will probably not happen for them anyway.

7. The planner

Planners are the ones who take things a step further, and they probably created the class-wide GroupMe. They also enjoy attempting to arrange meetups close to the college to explore campus, and they often post the icebreaker questions like “What’s everyone majoring in?” or “What type of music does everyone like?” They thrive off organization and aspire to have a good group of friends before even stepping foot on campus.

8. The one who makes you cringe

The “cringe-worthy” category is probably the most broad, because it can include people with simple offenses, like having a cat as their profile picture, to those with bigger ones, like being socially awkward. They can be dedicated partiers who talk about nothing else, or those who seem to be adamantly against anything potentially fun. This category also includes those who unapologetically promote themselves on social media (multiple times).

9. The boy who friends only girls

These boys are usually the types who are looking to be total studs in college and trying to get a jump start. So, instead of trying to reach out to a few people who appear to have similar interests, their approach is to friend request all the girls immediately. Occasionally, these boys may take it a step further and start liking profile pictures to make sure they’re noticed.

10. The one from nearby

The locals are usually quite helpful in accurately relaying what the weather’s like in every season, which restaurants to try and which to skip and some of the fun attractions nearby. However, they can also be the ones likely to get separation anxiety, so their moms will be stopping by frequently to “do laundry” or bring delicious food to share with their roommates.

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