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By Katie Karmin, North Shore County Day, and Joi Gillette, H.L. Richards

It’s official! Beyonce’s newest activewear, Ivy Park, has arrived and fashionistas and Bey wannabes alike are flocking to Nordstrom and Topshop in hopes of adorning clothing the Queen Bee herself designed. Add one of these bad boys to your repertoire, and you’ll be practically the coolest kid in school. Below are the top 10 steals we’d love to add to our wardrobes:

Katie’s picks

1. Sleeveless logo body suit: It is nearly impossible to ignore Beyonce’s leotard featured in all of the advertisements. Perhaps it borders on risque, but there is something about risk takers that I find so appealing. Not only is the black and white bodysuit flattering, it also calls out the inner daredevil in all of us. $50

2. Slide sandals: The Ivy Park slide sandals are another favorite. A trendy spin on a not-so-trendy —and sometimes even sluggish —comfort mechanism. We all love our pool slides. And at $28, why not opt for a distinct upgrade? Don’t be surprised if a stranger (or a dozen) will stop you on the street to compliment your wicked sharp sandals. $28

3. Hexagon mesh parka: Especially in the blinding white, this one is a showstopper. It screams hip with its edgy take on such a basic wardrobe staple. Dress down with leggings or up with a snazzy date night outfit and heels, and expect jaws to drop. $122

4. Long sleeve mesh crop top: What can I say? I have a thing for mesh. And why not? This season is all over mesh, whether on socks, shirts and I guess long sleeve sports bras. Beyonce does a lot of things right, and this one sure does not disappoint. For an even larger dose of swag, pair this number with high-waisted booty shorts while en route to the gym. $50

5. Biker colorblock full-length bodysuit: I am sorry, but how could I not? At this very moment, leotards and bodysuits are popping up all over from pricey designers to cheaper fast fashion outlets. So why not jump on this bandwagon? I still have yet to figure out where and when such an outfit would make an appearance, but everyone needs one out-there get-up that beckons us at our most daring moments. And so I guess you can excuse this as your  “impulsive workout gear” splurge? $175

Joi’s picks

1. Leggings: I couldn’t fight the temptation of buying the Ivy Park leggings, which look extremely comfortable. The material seems soft, but because some of the leggings cost up to $165 it is kind of a hard decision to make. I did question myself: do I really need these leggings? And then I came to the conclusion that I do need some new gym clothes. Everyone at the gym will be wowed by the fact that I’m wearing Beyonce’s clothing line. $42 to $165

2. Joggers: As a girl, I absolutely LOVE sweatpants, or “jogger pants.” Again, Ivy Park jogger pants looks comfortable as well. But in my opinion, they look too plain. Yes I would buy a pair, but they kind of need some designs. I would wear these joggers with the Ivy Park sandals, of course, and the oversize v-neck tee. $50 to $52

3. Pink oversize v-neck tee: Looks pretty fancy for gym attire, but I like it. I would most definitely swear this on a special day, though, not to the gym. Maybe I’d pair it with some cute leggings and pink sandals. You can’t go wrong with this tee; it looks amazing! $26

4. Seamless crop top: One thing that caught my eye was the seamless crop top. I adore crop tops, although these crop tops looks pretty futuristic. Beyonce looked great in them, and because summer is coming up I will work out in this shirt. But as a female, some places don’t allow you to show too much skin in the gym. You don’t want to violate gym rules, so be mindful. $35

5. Airtex Mesh Baseball Cap: Lastly, I like the Ivy Park hats. I have bad hair days, so it does not hurt to throw on a hat—especially when Beyonce designed it! The Airtex Mesh Baseball Cap looks amazing. Black is my favorite color and that had caught my heart. I would probably wear that hat until it comes apart. $25

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