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By Cami Grandjean, Walter Payton, and Chloe Wallace, Cary-Grove

Finding a summer job this late in the school year can be extremely challenging and sometimes even impossible. If you’re in need of some cash flow stuck seeing “we are no longer hiring” in every storefront, here are quick ways to get some money in your wallet over the summer.

Survey taking

There are tons of websites out on the web looking for people to take surveys or do simple tasks, ranging from reviewing new websites or music to data entry or product testing. It’s a super easy way to make money from the comfort of your home. Search the internet for websites that offer services like this. There is no shortage of opportunities!

Etsy crafting

If you’re the artsy type, Etsy is for you! Etsy is a marketplace for handmade and vintage items; it’s the perfect place to sell your crafty creations. All you have to do is make a free Etsy account, take photos of what you’re selling, decide on pricing and post your listings. Share your Etsy store on social media to spread the word!

Sell your clothes

Poshmark is a great way to get rid of clothes and shoes that you no longer wear and make money. The easy-to-use app has millions of users looking to buy and sell clothing, shoes and accessories. Not only will it feel great to clean out your closet, but you’ll be making money too. Follow lots of other Poshers to bring views to your closet.

Market your driving skills

You’d be surprised by how many families are stretched way too thin trying to coordinate schedules with work, camps, sports and numerous other commitments. If you have a license and good driving record, offer to drive the neighborhood kids to their summer activities. Driving is much less time consuming than babysitting for an entire day. It’s such a simple task that can earn you quick cash!

Offer music lessons

If you know how to play an instrument and have a knack for teaching, try offering lessons. Whether it’s guitar, piano, drums or any other instrument, people will always want to learn. Make some flyers to hang around the town and start your business. This gives you a unique way to make money while also doing something you’re passionate about. It won’t even feel like work!

Go on grocery runs

Everyone needs food, but not everyone has the time to go out and buy it. Some people are even willing to pay you to buy their groceries for them. All you’d have to do is takes someone’s grocery list and money and go out and buy everything they need. This is a super easy and fast way to make money, and you know you’ll always have the job again as soon as the groceries run out.

All it takes is a little initiative and some thinking outside of the box to be gainfully employed this summer. No need to be discouraged by current unemployment, just consider these many quick and simple ways in which you can finally earn some spending money.

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