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By Cailey Gleeson

I’m still completely baffled over the rediscovery of Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) body in last week’s episode—and so is everyone else.

Is there some other lost Duvall/James child somewhere who wants revenge for their sister’s death? Only time will tell…

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Audrey (Bex Taylor Klaus) finally sit down to talk about Audrey’s secret—and it suddenly restored my faith in her.

It seems like the nature of her relationship with Piper is exactly what she told Noah (John Karna) and she was completely unaware of Piper’s psychopathic actions. She may have won me back over, but Emma doesn’t believe her.

Miguel (Anthony Ruivivar) is convinced that Gustavo (Santiago Segura) has something to do with what’s going on—and has officers looking for him because he hasn’t been seen since the killer party.

In a hushed conversation in his office, it’s revealed that he has some bloody history with Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) as well.

He heads back to the James’ residence—and he’s not alone this time. He discovers a series of photos of Emma after investigating mysterious footsteps on the top floor of the seemingly abandoned home.

Love is in the air between Noah and Zoe (Kiana Lede)—but it doesn’t last for long.

After receiving a text that she was at “their spot,” Noah skips class to go to their scenic getaway. A flurry of texts ensue from Zoe in an attempt to lead her new beau to her location.

Once Noah realizes that something is terribly wrong with the situation, he stops in his tracks, only to be called by the killer—who threatens to kill Zoe if he doesn’t keep going.

Whether it was love for Zoe or general curiosity of discovering the killer’s identity, Noah decides to walk farther into the woods where the killer attacks and kidnaps him.

Back at school, Emma and Audrey are forced to put their differences aside after a video of Noah is sent to them. The killer makes another phone call and tells them they are to embark on a scavenger hunt if they want Noah to survive.

Please…anyone but Noah.

Clue #1: What’s behind Noah’s obsession?

While Audrey is thinking, Emma is captivated by one of the notes that Audrey wrote to Piper about her—and it’s less than flattering to say the least. After a brief spat, the duo realizes that the clue is literal, and discover a daffodil behind Noah’s infamous “murder board.” Although Emma is confused, Audrey knows exactly where to go.

They rush to save their best friend—which happens to be where Emma and Audrey first met—but Noah is beginning to hyperventilate and hallucinate. The only thing keeping him going is the hallucinations of Zoe, which encourage him to just keep his eyes open and talk of their future together.

Meanwhile, Miguel comes to a shocking conclusion—Brandon James very well may be alive. He confides this to Maggie and she tells him she will find out for sure.

Even though this is a long shot, it may actually be plausible. If he is alive, Brandon could’ve been triggered by the murder of his daughter and wants revenge against his former love and Emma.

The killer is one step ahead of everyone once again. They make a call to Lakewood’s local sheriff to tell him he needs to rush over to the old horse stables because it “sounds like someone is being gutted.”

Audrey reveals that Emma broke her heart—but the context is ambiguous. Romantically? Platonically?

Looks like we’re going to have to wait to find out because Noah’s slurred singing interrupts them. Another video is sent to them, but this time it’s of a screaming Zoe.

They rush to the dock where Piper was killed to save her from her coffin—which is rapidly filling with water—but they’re too late.

After trying to comfort Emma, Maggie attempts to prove Sheriff Acosta’s theory by leaving a note in her tree—a method of communication she used with Brandon when they were teenagers.

As she walks back into her home, a notably absent Eli (Sean Grandillo) comes out of the bushes as the episode comes to a close.

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3 out of 4 stars

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