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By Cailey Gleeson

My money has been on Gustavo for the majority of the season—but now I can’t decide whether he or Eli (Sean Grandillo) is the killer.

Let’s break down the evidence. They’re both uber creepy, have dark pasts and are obsessed with one or members of the Lakewood Five. Eli get’s a bit of an edge against Gustavo this week though—since he’s conveniently at the Duval home right before the killer breaks in.

Perhaps they’re working together?

Think about it. The two could have a Billy Loomis and Stu Macher dynamic—the antagonists of the original film—with Eli watching the house and Gustavo breaking in to terrorize the Emma (Wila Fitzgerald) and Maggie (Tracy Middendorf).

That’s right—the killer has infiltrated the home donning their signature knife. The break-in doesn’t go exactly as what one may expect—they don’t hurt Emma or her mom.

What’s even stranger is that the killer closes Maggie’s door as their creeping by—it’s almost like they don’t want to disturb her sleep.

The odd silence of the killer continues in Emma’s room. Emma is not harmed at all and only wakes up at the sound of her dream journal being stolen. Her journal may be gone, but she finds a new necklace hanging on her front door—courtesy of the killer.

It’s almost identical to the one given to her mother by Brandon James—only this time it has her name carved on it.

Could Miguel’s (Anthony Ruivivar) theory be right? Is Brandon James back from the dead?

Noah (John Karna) is still reeling from the death of Zoe (Kiana Lede). In the hospital, he tells his friends that he’s done with his murder obsession and begs them to take down the board in his room.

While cleaning up, Emma makes a startling discovery. Eli was in town last year for Will’s (Connor Weil) funeral.

Audrey heads back to the hospital. She shows him a few photos of him with his love and also tells him the news—but he doesn’t want to hear it. On the other hand, Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) is furious and wants answers.

Back at Kieran’s home, Eli blows up at his mother (Karina Louge) when she tells him that Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt) is paying them $15,000 to get out of town. He insists they can’t leave until he says—and takes matters into his own hands. He robs the Maddox household so he can blackmail the mayor.

It seems like Eli isn’t his only enemy—Gustavo is seen drawing him with a bloody wound on his head. Speaking of Gustavo, things are heating up with him and Brooke (Carlson Young). They’re spending their days in a hotel room to get away from the insanity.

Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith) is finally conscious after being attacked. She is questioned by Miguel and tells him that she wasn’t close with Piper because of their age gap. When asked about her recordings, she says she was doing an informal study on the survivors.

She adds that Gustavo may have some fascinations with death, but Emma seems to be an incredibly troubled person. At this revelation, Miguel texts Gustavo to apologize.

Back at the hotel, Brooke decides that it’s time to return to reality, but Gustavo is unwilling. Before leaving again, he visits Noah at the hospital to tell him not to give up on his podcast because of the impact it has on people—including him.

Kieran hears Eli talking to his mom about the mayor’s guilt—but uses their conversation as an opportunity to go into Eli’s room. After looking through his things, he finds the letters between Audrey and Piper—and childhood photos of Emma.

Mayor Maddox is overjoyed that Brooke is home, but his happiness is short lived. He gets a text from an unknown number telling him to meet at the James farm.

Simultaneously, Emma and Audrey decide to head to the location to look for more evidence.

Noah takes Gustavo’s advice and continues the podcast—but is mysteriously hacked in the middle of the recording. The hacker uploads a video—featuring graphic crime scene footage—that frames Emma and Audrey for the most recent murders.

Uh oh.

At the James’ farm, Emma and Audrey discover the secret room—just as Brooke’s dad enters the barn.

After finding the source of the texts, he turns around to find the killer standing behind him. He is brutally stabbed with a pitchfork and is found by Emma and Audrey.

Horrified at the scene before them, the girls rush to stop the bleeding. Emma hears a noise and goes to investigate—pitchfork in hand. With Audrey closely behind her, they prepare to face the masked killer—but are instead met with the Lakewood Police Department.

Due to the amount of mounting evidence against them, the sheriff is forced to arrest Emma and Audrey.

With the season finale next week, it will be interesting to see how everything unfolds. Will Brooke think her friends are responsible for her father’s murder? Will the town?

Most importantly, who will be the next victim?

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4 out of 4 stars

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