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By Cailey Gleeson

It’s been a season full of blood, sweat and tears—but this episode marks the end of the surviving Lakewood residents’ latest reign of terror.

Emma (Wila Fitzgerald) and Audrey (Bex Taylor Klaus) have a short lived ride in the back of the Lakewood PD squad car because the killer causes a horrific crash that leaves the driver dead—and Emma and Audrey completely vulnerable in the middle of nowhere.

Instead of harming them, the killer slyly gives them the keys to their handcuffs and takes off running.

After escaping to a gas station, the girls are met with a phone call from the killer—who has one last game for them.

The rules are simple enough don’t turn themselves in or get caught. However, the consequence is deadly if they lose. The killer says that if they fail that someone they love will be next in the morgue.

Gustavo (Santiago Segura) surprises Brooke (Carlson Young) at home as she’s mourning her father’s murder. Gustavo tries to turn her against her friends, but Brooke refuses to believe him.

Emma and Audrey make it back to Lakewood so they can plan their next move with Kieran (Amadeus Serafini).

He tells her that Eli (Sean Grandillo) never came back home, but his troubled cousin arrives just as Emma leaves. The two argue and Eli tells him that he’s going to do whatever he wants and dares Kieran to try to stop him.

Brooke visits Noah (John Karna) in the hospital and completely breaks down. He gets a call from an unknown number—but it’s surprisingly not the killer.

It’s Emma. They agree to Emma’s pleas of staying in the hospital—until they hang up the phone. Noah unplugs all of his machines and they rush to their friends.

The Lakewood Five reunite in the theatre and are met with a call from the killer. They’re fed up with the anonymous torment and dare the killer to meet them there.

As they prepare for the dramatic confrontation, Noah says that the situation would be the grand finale if it was in a movie.

Conveniently, Gustavo shows up at the theatre. He says that Brooke told him to come and even shows her the message.

When Noah refuses to let him in and points out that he showed up as they were trying to lure the killer, he becomes angered and leaves. Or does he…

Everyone quickly forgets the encounter as a scream rips through the theatre. Instead of finding an actual person, they find a projection of all of the murders.

Emma races to the projection room and the theatre goes black. In a panic, Brooke turns on her cell phone for light and is met with the face of the killer—who brutally stabs her as Emma is returning.

Armed with the gun of the slain deputy, Emma begins firing at her tormentor, but he somehow manages to get away.

When she returns, Kieran and Noah are treating the critically injured Brooke. Kieran informs Emma that Audrey is nowhere to be found and urges her to leave as the police arrive.

Gustavo arrives at the hospital in tears over the thought of losing Brooke. Miguel spots his son in the waiting room and comforts him. Noah urges the sheriff to look into the possibility of Eli being the killer by showing him the image of the troubled teen at Will’s funeral.

Just as Emma is about to turn herself in, she receives a video of an unconscious Audrey. The killer tells her it’s time to face the mask alone—or Audrey will die.

In her potential last phone call with Kieran, the couple tearfully profess their love. She gets another phone call from the killer—who attacks her.

When she finds Audrey, Kieran and Eli arrive. Eli claims Kieran stabbed him behind the building and left him for dead—and that he was responsible for the restraining order. Emma shoots and seemingly kills Eli.

Kieran says they’re calling the police and assures her that she will feel safe again—almost the exact line the killer said to her on the phone a few minutes prior.

Emma begs him to tell him she’s wrong, but he maniacally laughs and says she’s not.


Eli jumps up to try to save her one last time, but Kieran fatally shoots him.

He laughs again and says Eli must’ve really liked her. He reveals that he was in a relationship with Piper, they bonded over their abandonment issues and she taught him that killing was more fun than therapy.

A game of cat and mouse ensues. Kieran has a gun to Audrey’s head and tells Emma that she can make her death easy or hard.

Emma emerges from the shadows with a gun and turns the table on her psychotic former beau.

He begs Emma to shoot him, but she tells him that she would rather have him rot in prison for what he did.

As Noah wraps up the season in his podcast, he talks about the importance of trust and trying to move on from the trauma.

In the final scene, Kieran gets a phone call and is asked by the infamous voice who told him that he could wear they’re mask.

Looks like Lakewood isn’t safe after all…

Wow, I don’t think anyone was expecting that. Kieran was the last person I expected to be the killer—this season at least.

I initially thought that he was involved somehow when he first arrived in Lakewood, but his “love” for Emma changed my mind.

I’m actually disappointed that Eli was killed off. I think whatever was left of his relationship with Emma would have been an interesting storyline next season.

Only one question remains after this shocking finale: who was on the other end of that last phone call with Kieran?

9 p.m., Tuesdays, MTV
4 out of 4 stars

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