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Elk Grove senior Julianne Micoleta talks about having senioritis and how to get over it. MASH PHOTO ILLUSTRATION

By Julianne Micoleta
Elk Grove

Senioritis knows no bounds, and no student—not even the most dedicated and sleep-deprived honors student—is immune to it. Like a disease, its symptoms include dismissive and apathetic behavior towards schoolwork and can only be cured by a phenomenon known as “graduation.”

As someone who has already taken the ACT, applied to all of my prospective colleges and has started receiving acceptance letters, I’m currently suffering from an extremely severe case of senioritis.

My motivation to do homework, or anything school-related at all, is rapidly depleting, and I’m becoming masterful at procrastination. It’s difficult to care about schoolwork when everything that I’ve been working toward has seemingly already been accomplished.

However, that’s not to say that I don’t feel guilty about neglecting my work or only putting in very little effort to complete it.

In fact, there have been a few occasions where I’ll just completely focus and do all of my work in one sitting. Sadly though, this doesn’t happen often, as fighting back against senioritis can be an uphill battle.

As challenging as it is, I’ve been trying to overcome it, especially since I have finals and an entire semester to get through. I realized that getting an acceptance letter is not the finish line. It’d be foolish of me to just throw in the towel now and slack off the rest of the year.

It may not happen too often, but colleges can and do rescind their offers of admission if they see that your grades have faltered during your final semester. Even more, you don’t want to get into the habit of being lazy because it can seriously affect you in college.

So, to all of the seniors who are in the same position, suffering from senioritis, I offer some advice: Stay organized, get motivated, revel in the senior year experience and hang in there, because before you know it, graduation will be just around the corner.

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