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Put the fun back into the word fundraiser! Bake sales aren’t the only way to make money.

By Julianne Micoleta
Elk Grove

Fundraising is hard to do and with the current state of the economy, raising the funds you need for your club, sports team or organization is even more difficult. However, here are some creative ways to help get the money for your group.

Partner with a local restaurant in your community and ask them to contribute a portion of their sales to your club on a specific day. Your group will then promote the event and drive customers into the restaurant. You can print the details of the special on flyers with the name of your club and hand them out to friends and family, asking them to turn it in when paying the bill. Some restaurants that offer some form of fundraising nights include Wendy’s, Panda Express and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Host a dance-a-thon
Hosting a dance-a-thon is a great way to raise money and get everybody involved while also having a lot of fun. One way to host a dance-a-thon is to find dancers who are willing to try to dance for a long period of time, say 12 hours or even 24 hours! Dancers must then find sponsors to pledge a certain amount of money for each hour they dance. Another way to raise money is to simply charge contestants and offer a grand prize for the last-standing dancer. To raise additional funds you could also sell food and drinks during the event.

What’s a better way to try raising funds than by leaving your family, friends and neighbors a yard full of flamingos! What you need to do is get a flock of plastic flamingos that you will sneakily stick into people’s lawns (just make sure your target has a sense of humor). The lucky owners can then have the flock removed for a set fee (say $10) and then if they want, have the flamingos placed in a friend’s yard for another fee (say $15). Make sure you also place a sign on the flamingos that has a name and phone number so those that drive by and see the funny scene have your contact information. An additional fundraising idea would be to sell some sort of a “flamingo insurance” for a set amount for people to purchase to protect themselves from the invasion.

Carnivals are usually fun for everybody. The first thing you need to do is to get other clubs, sports or organizations involved. The groups participating will be able to keep whatever profits they make at the carnival. Different groups could set up a dunk tank, photo booth, face-painting table or even sell popcorn or cotton candy. You can also contact a local band to see if they’ll pay for free, and then charge a low entrance fee for people attending.

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