By Seth Boster

This summer is set to get a superhero makeover with the movie releases of “Thor,” “Green Lantern,” “X-Men: First Class,” and “Captain America: The First Avenger.” I wonder: What would the legion of Chicago athletes look like?

Derrick Rose – Spider-Man
He’s soft-hearted and humble like the everyday Peter Parker. And he’s just your friendly neighborhood Most Valuable Player.

Brian Urlacher – Thor
Like the mighty Norse god, the powerful linebacker brings the thunder with each crushing blow.

Jonathon Toews – Captain America
They’re both captains … perhaps one more serious than the other.

Kyle Korver – The Human Torch
When the Bulls’ 3-point artist puts the “flame on,” he’s tough to extinguish.

Paul Konerko – Batman
He is the town’s most potent with a bat right now.

Starlin Castro Robin
High hopes for the youngest crusader. But when he grows up, can he rescue the Cubs franchise?

Devin Hester – Flash
Faster than a streak of lightning … and that’s about where his powers end.

Jay Cutler – Iron Man
The quarterback isn’t faced with the constant pressures of defensemen and critics.

Patrick Kane – Iceman
He has smooth mobility on a sheet of ice and in this year’s playoffs he sure played like he was cold.

Julius Peppers – Beast
All Chicago’s most lethal athlete needs is a blue mane.

Carlos Zambrano – The Incredible Hulk
You won’t like him when he’s angry.

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