By Marek Makowski

Early this month, Adidas revealed its new apparel for the NBA All-Star Game (6 p.m. Feb. 26, TNT). In this bundle were three pairs of shoes which didn’t really live up to the shoe standard Adidas has set.

The first of the three different pairs of shoes unveiled was the adizero Rose 2.5. If you like bland shoes, then you’re going to love these. Intended to “pay homage to Orlando’s Orange County,” according to the press release, this pair of shoes really pays homage–and I mean really.

Aside from three white stripes on the back, the adizero Rose 2.5 is all orange, including the body, soles, and even laces. Now, next Thursday, you can pick up these puppies for just $110, or you can drop five bucks on a can of orange spray paint and–presto!–your old Skechers have just turned into the latest and greatest Adidas shoe.

Another shoe, the adiPower Howard 2, isn’t as silly as it name makes it seem. However, Adidas still focused on paying homage to Orange County by keeping orange as the dominant color. Rather than sticking with white or blue to complement the orange with the Orlando Magic’s colors, the adiPower Howard 2 focuses on red. A slight step-up from the adizero Rose 2.5, Howard’s special shoe is almost as disappointing as Howard’s game from behind the three-point arc.

Finally, Adidas Originals released a special type of the AR 2.0. This shoe trumps the other two, as it actually doesn’t look so bad. It mixes blue and orange to come out of the sea of bland the other two shoes offer, creating something reputable for fans to wear when it’s released next week.

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