C.J. Watson,            Graylyn McKeithen,          Rebecca Lawson,
Bulls guard              Morgan Park            Walter Payton

Jack Howard,        Sara Angel,
York                  Whitney Young 

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Who is the Sherlock Holmes to our Mr. Watson?

C.J.: My mama, Cathy Watson, is my Sherlock Holmes. She’s a detective in disguise, dressed up like my mother.

GRAYLYN: Robert Downey Jr. (about as creative I can be with that one).

REBECCA: Duhhh, Derrick Rose!

JACK: Noah. He’s crazy like a fox. His hair could be mistaken for one too.

SARA: Derrick Rose, of course. Loyal Watson is always there to help him out.

What’s your craziest idea for improving next year’s 

NBA All-Star Game?

C.J.: Add some kind of fun to it. It’s becoming too political. Maybe adding a dodgeball game to it, or watching the All-Stars play some other sport than basketball.

GRAYLYN: Instead of a player from the Bulls or Grizzlies, bring in a bull and a grizzly bear.

REBECCA: Add a four-point shot.

JACK: Making it mean something.

SARA: Add a 4-point half-court shot. That would be intense.


What’s it going to take for Northwestern to make it to the NCAA tournament someday?

C.J.: A lot of prayer and no more losing from here on out.

GRAYLYN: Work the court, work on defense and get some new coaches. Now imagine if I knew what I was talking about.

REBECCA: If it was required to have a team make it from every color of the rainbow. Maybe then we’ll see some purple!

JACK: An NCAA prep class.

SARA: They have to go wild. Get it? Because they’re WILDcats.

George Lucas’ daughter, Amanda, is a mixed martial arts champion. Give us your worst “Star Wars”-related joke.

C.J.: What did Obi Wan say to Luke when he tried to eat bantha pie with a spoon? “Use the FORK, Luke.”

GRAYLYN: Ready to fight James Cameron, you are.

REBECCA: The force is certainly with her!

JACK: Use the force-out, Amanda.

SARA: Yoda taught her well.

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