Kasey Carlson,    Barbara Cruz,
Whitney Young      Hancock

Marisa Spiegel,      Josh Kalamotousakis,
Walter Payton      Kennedy


What’s the funniest thing that can happen with NFL replacement refs?

KASEY: Wearing the same outfit—EMBARRASSING!

BARBARA: They actually make good calls.

MARISA: The replacement refs come up with replacement rules. Now
absolutely everybody has no clue what’s going on.

JOSH: They get stage fright when announcing the call.


Make up a rhyme about the Bears opener against the Indianapolis Colts (noon Sunday, CBS).

KASEY: Our score versus theirs, ours will be double / Without Peyton Manning, the Colts are in trouble!

BARBARA: To beat their opponent, the Bears don’t need Luck / The Colts don’t even have the skill to buck!

MARISA: Chi Town vs. Indy / Da Bears vs. Blue / Who’s gonna win? / Well, I’ll give you (d)a clue.

JOSH: The Bears defense will bring the pressure, and put Luck on a stretcher!


A year from now, what will Terrell Owens be doing?

KASEY: Old Spice commercials.

BARBARA: Probably getting caught on TMZ spitting in the faces of Girl Scouts or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

MARISA: Setting up a fantasy team.

JOSH: Working out in someone else’s driveway.


President Obama said that Michael Jordan is his favorite basketball player. So who would be Mitt Romney’s favorite?

KASEY: The one that’s not so great but has nice family values.

BARBARA: Charles Barkley from the Houston Rockets/Phoenix Suns/Philly 76ers. Romney probably wants Obama to Shut Up and Jam!

MARISA: The dudes that own the teams.

JOSH: I think the obvious answer is Larry Bird!

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