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Hi there. My name is Tammy Wen and I will be a senior at Niles West High School. My passions are photography and books. According to my friends and family, I have a weird sense of humor. I love cats and dogs, but I’m completely biased when it comes to my cat, Mouse. If I could summarize myself in a few words it would be: INTJ, superhero fanatic, procrastinator, Netflix marathoner and frozen yogurt addict.

Instagram: @mouseatouille (sleepy pictures of my cat) and @tammy.psd (personal account)

I started photography sophomore year, so the clubs I attend generally involve some form of creativity or art related agenda. A few months ago, my 2-d/ap art class started the basis for the UNICEF club at Niles West. It’s relatively new, but I hope it will be in full operation this school year. Every once in a while, I do sports photography for Varsity Views. Whenever I have free time, I’m thinking of photo concepts and sketching them out. As of now, I am working on my ap art portfolio. Besides art related things, I enjoy volunteering, traveling, and watching movies.

My thing is the show Arthur on PBS kids. The show on Channel 11. As strange as it sounds, I’ve always found the show amusing. If I could watch one show for the rest of my life, it would be watching seasons of Arthur Reed and his friends as third graders. Children’s show? Nonsense.

You’ll find me doing reviews about existing and upcoming movies, books and TV shows. Aside from that, I will be writing about people and events within my school and community. If anything is trending or interesting, you can definitely expect a commentary from me.

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