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New Trier students on their first day of class.

New Trier students on their first day of class.

By Caroline Williams, New Trier

Sophomores clutter the halls, their schedules flailing from their hands, their backpacks as low as they can go, and their shorts as short as they can be. At New Trier, freshman have their own campus, so when they become sophomores, it’s like they’re a freshman again. I felt pretty content knowing that was not me.

I am excited to be in my senior year. I am excited I’m not the lost sophomore. Senior year for some kids involves less classes, less time in school, and less work in general. That is not the case for me. I am doing quite a lot my senior year. I am already overwhelmed. However, that’s not saying much. I tend to be overwhelmed the majority of the time.

New Trier has something called early bird classes. They are merely classes students are offered earlier than typical school starts. Students will take an early bird class if their schedule is filled and they need or want to fit another class in their day. I am taking early bird physics because my schedule was filled. It sounds fun right? I actually think I like it. I got this really progressive teacher who teaches in a funky way. Instead of every students taking a test, quiz or lab on the same day, each student works at their own pace. My teacher gives us a unit and all the materials in that unit, and sets us free, like the caterpillars in those cool mesh contraptions we watched grow into butterflies in second grade.

After early bird, I venture to the third floor for my advisery. I think we spell it like that at New Trier, as opposed to advisOry with an “o”. I honestly have no idea why. Advisery is like homeroom. Every advisory is either all girls or all boys and we stay with the same group of kids throughout our entire high school journeys.

Once advisery ends, I run on over to gym to get in the “gym mindset.” However, I am a KW (Kinetic Wellness) leader not just a plain KW student. Does it sound prestigious? Well, it should. I assist a gym teacher in leading their gym class. Whether I am taking attendance, pointing a student in the direction of the locker room or giving a student a nice pat on the back post their mile run, I am a pertinent asset to their class.

The gym bell rings and I head out of the gyms, aghast from all my KW leading, and I head to my SILC (Student Instructional Leadership Corps) class. That’s another cool thing New Trier offers. I am basically a student teacher to my chemistry teacher from sophomore year. Students can SILC for any subject as long as they find a teacher who wants, or really allows, their help. The first couple of days, I felt awkward. I was told to check if the students did their homework. If they did, they got 5 points. If they did not, they got 0 points. Like, that’s a weird change. Such a simple task showed me how strong you must be as a teacher. These kids really plead for their points, “I promise i’ll bring it tomorrow!” or ” I had a four hour dance lesson. I had no time.” or “My mom really needed me to help her pick out a paint color for our new living room.” These kids, rough lives they live. It actually was weird for me, though. I felt bad, especially because I knew some of the students.

I leave my SILC class feeling bad for the students I just gave a “0,” and I move to French class. I am in french cinema and conversation, so we watch movies in french and then converse about them. Pretty straight forward, eh? That brings me to a side note. They offer so many classes at New Trier, however, only at certain times. So, I expected to take AP french, but was not able to because of a conflict in my schedule and they only offer AP French one period. But, I think i’ll be content with my watching movies.

After french, I head to AP Stats. I’m no math wizard, but they do not offer stats at a different level. So, Caroline, me, will continue to tell you all my journey through AP Statistics. I think I may like Stats. I never enjoy math class because I feel like it is pointless. Why do I need to know how to calculate some random formula with Pi? Stats is different. It’s actual real life scenario problems.

I finish my worksheet on random numbers and how they are not actually random, and I head to lunch, not the cafeteria, but lunch. The cafeteria neither has enough seating for all of the students, nor has the correct smells one would like to smell while eating. The cafeteria smells like a mix of pasta, burritos, salami, pizza, and coffee. YUMM. The majority of students sit on the hard floors in a hallway instead.

Lunch ends and it’s time for IGSS (The Integrated Global Study School), my favorite part of the day! IGSS is a school within a school at New Trier that basically adheres to independent students who would like to be active in their community and learn in a smaller more project based learning environment. I am in IGSS for the rest of my day.

That is my senior schedule at school. I thought that could be a good way to present a student’s life at New Trier as well as a little about New Trier. However, it’s pretty hard to say that is a “typical” student’s day at New Trier. First of all, because the majority of kids are not in the program I am, IGSS. Second of all, it’s a big school with tons and tons of classes offered, so my schedule is much different than everyone else’s.

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