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Crowded hallways of New Trier.

Crowded hallways of New Trier.

By Caroline Williams

Music is blasting in my ears. My hands are glued to my sides. If I move them, they will be grazing the forearm of the random kid next to me. I stand still. I am trying to move forward but cannot. Every day, I must go through this in order to get to math, French, science, gym, English and history class. Seems strange? Doesn’t sounds like school?

Well, let me explain. New Trier has recently undergone construction. So, one main hallway is closed off. That results in the school hallways somewhat resembling mosh pits. To add to the “mosh pit feel,” seniors carry speakers in their backpacks and blast music during passing periods in busy stairwells and hallways.

I’m not a fan. At 8:15 a.m., when I’m walking to gym class, I have no desire to listen to blasting music coming from some smirking kid’s backpack, who thinks he’s cool for being a senior and a rule breaker. It is 80 degrees outside. The air conditioning in the school is broken. There’s about 100 sweaty kids walking in either direction on this stairwell, and I have made it down one step in the past minute. Turn off your music and stop smiling, buddy.

Then, I finally think I have found a stairwell that is not clogged! I walk up the first floor to the second floor, up the second floor to third floor. I’ve run into a wall. There is “no outlet.” This one really confuses me. Why does New Trier have a stairwell that leads me to a wall? To be fair, there is a “no outlet sign.” But, typically, I am not looking for a sign when I choose my staircase. If there are stairs, I expect them to take me to the next floor.

Now, it’s not only the stairwells that have issues, the hallways do as well. One “main” hallway on the first floor that runs to the front doors of the school is often very clogged. When walking in this hallway, you may have a cool throwback moment to being young and shoving various 10 year-olds out of the way, in order to be the first to receive a spongebob popsicle from the ice cream man. Except, instead of getting a spongebob popsicle, you get a math, physics or English classroom! Unlike the stairs, though, the hallways are manageable. I am pretty short, so I weave my way through these tall kids with my elbows jolting out in both directions and my eyes fixed on the ground. One foot in front of another, I continue to think. I do not want to make eye contact with the two kids whose conversation I just broke up by walking between them. I slowly but surely navigate a path to my next class.

I must say, my pet peeve is when I am walking behind a kid, and they see their buddy and stop dead in the middle of the hallway to have a quick chat. Like, kid, I am literally walking one foot behind you. You don’t have taillights like cars, so if you jolt to a stop and I have no warning, I will run into you. Although I am not causing any damage to your body, It is relatively embarrassing and just overall awkward for the both of us. This happens to me at least once a week. It’s like walking through the subway station here at ol’ New Trier.

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