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By Zahra Ali, Plainfield North


(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

A thirteen year old Palestinian boy lies sprawled on the ground, bleeding from the head with his legs bent at awkward angles underneath him. Israeli settlers and police jeer and shout obscene insults, urging him to die.

A fourteen year old girl is surrounded by over ten Israeli police officers and fatally shot in the face with a machine gun.

An Israeli settler stabs a seven year old child in another attack. And the list of chilling, ruthless murders goes on and on.

And yet, a Google search of Israeli-Palestinian violence reveals that most major news outlets choose to report from solely the Israeli perspective, quickly tying blindfolds over their eyes at the mention of Israeli attacks on Palestinians. However recently, social media has been a game-changing mechanism is revealing occupationist brutality.

“Israel’s worst enemy is not the Palestinians, it’s social media,” tweeted humanitarian activist Mohamed Zeyara.

Hillary Clinton recently released a statement on the recent surge of attacks.

“I am alarmed by the recent wave of attacks against Israelis, including more than a dozen separate attacks since last Saturday. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families,” said Clinton in her address.

A response to her on Twitter reads, “It’s not like 25 Palestinians have been killed in 13 days.”

Journalists stationed in Palestine regularly tweet videos of settler initiated violence to balance the one-sided mainstream media coverage. As much as the videos are disturbing, they are equally enlightening. An example is Belal Dabour, a writer for Electronic Intifada who is currently lives in Gaza. His tweets plainly uncover the undisclosed barbarianism of settler attacks.

“Israeli soldiers execute a Palestinian at the gate to Al Aqsa today,” reads one of his tweets, which includes a link to the video.

“The world is finally watching the aggression against Palestinians in plain sight,” tweeted civil rights activist Linda Sarsour. “Social media is exposing the truth. No denying it now.”

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