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Students work on finishing homework. (Tribune photo)

Students work on finishing homework. (Tribune photo)

By Rafia Ali, Hinsdale Central

One weekend before a major college application deadline, teachers can’t assign seniors homework because the weekend should be used for finishing college applications. And while this may cause a bigger homework load the Thursday before or the Monday after, it’s worth it.

The hardest part about doing college applications isn’t the essay or filling out the application or even picking out a college; it’s finding the time to work on them. Between homework, clubs, and trying to get the most out of senior year, we aren’t used to prioritizing something over homework or grades. But luckily, on the homework-free weekend, there’s no need to make a decision between studying for the AP Chemistry test or finishing my Marquette application.

Even if you are one of the rare few who have been productive and are mostly done with applications, it’s just nice to have a breather between applications and homework and clubs. Since I’m almost done with most of my applications, I spent my Saturday morning volunteering at Hinsdale’s Fall Festival instead of slaving over my Common App essay, which was a much better alternative!

But to all the seniors out there, just know that we’re so close to being done with the application process. In less than a year, we’ll be at a school of our choice, following a path we created for ourselves, so good luck to everyone!

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