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(Stacey Wescott/Chicago Tribune)

(Stacey Wescott/Chicago Tribune)

By Caroline Williams, New Trier

Devoting hours of my time to internet searches instead of my physics homework, I scrambled for the perfect one. I felt I found it many times, yet I second guessed myself.

Is this stupid?

Will anyone else find this funny besides me?

This is too cheesy.

But, like, maybe it’s not?

Although the thing I was searching for will be forgotten in a matter of years, possibly even months, it felt important.

What I am referring to is my senior quote.

There are so many students at New Trier, so you only get an individual picture in the yearbook as a senior. Freshman, sophomores, and juniors are simply placed in an advisory picture surrounded by 28 other students. So, as a senior, you are given the option to attach up to 150 words to your name. Some students use that space to wish younger siblings “good luck,” while other students use it to connect with their “BFF’s.” Let me explain. You will be flipping through the year book and see one girl, lets call her Caren, (typically, the girls do this, not the boys) with a quote, along with the letters “CJKR.” What is “CJKR”, Caren? Well, you continue to flip. Now, Jessica has the same letters written under her name. See a pattern? Friends like the take the first letters of their names, and bind them together under each of their pictures. Other friends will write a quote, plus an additional “stay gold, girls.” As I said, it’s typically girls.

Well, my sister already graduated high school, so I will not be wishing her good luck. My brother is a good 7 years away from graduation, so I think it is a tad early to wish him good luck. I am against the weird “connections” students use, so I had officially established what I would not use for my senior quote.

I thought it would be funny to use a T.V show quote. I love The Office, Parks and Recreation, Friends, etc. I spent hours looking at quotes, and watching T.V. It was a fun waste of time.

I eventually came upon the quote for me. For some reason, I feel I cannot disclose my quote before the yearbook comes out. So, I won’t. I promise, it is pretty good. I was curious why I, along with my friends, worried about finding the “correct” quote. I think I discovered the reason. We all spend four years at New Trier. Four years, essentially, with the same thousand kids. Yet, I do not know the majority of the students’ names. I do not know if a stranger I see in the hall is even in my grade. So, this quote is a way for the hundreds of students who do not know me, to “meet” me. This may sounds stupid or cheesy, but it’s true. I guarantee that when I receive my yearbook, I will look at faces I have never seen before and get a small idea about that student’s personality based on their 150 words or less.

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