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By Asia Lee, Rich Central

Don’t you just hate it when people just say the most outrageous things when you’re trying to be serious?

Like for instance, let’s say that you go and talk to your friend about what the plans are over Thanksgiving break. You go up to their locker and say,”hey! What you doing for Thanksgiving?” They turn around and say,”The turkey.” Like are you serious? You asked what your friend was doing and they say something totally off-the-wall.

I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

Or how about that time you went to that party and forgot to start asking around for rides when you first got there. Eventually, the party begins to let out and you come across one of your close friends, that so happen to have their moms car tonight.

So what do you do? You ask for a ride of course. “Hey, you got other plans after the party? Cause if not I need a ride home.” They respond by saying,”I planned on hunting zebras but it can wait.”

I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

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About Sunny

Hi, My name is Asia. I'm 18 and a senior at Rich central High school. I am an upcoming cPhT, Major editor of RCHS torch newspaper, RCHS yearbook editor, and a Pizzaminist. I stand for the political, economical justice for pizza.

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