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By Caroline Williams, New Trier


Well, obviously this is not the response anyone would like to hear. However, what is meant to be, will be. I have noticed a student’s typical reaction to being denied is denying the fact that they ever wanted to go to that college.
“Oh. Stacy. I am so sorry you did not get into Northwestern. You TOTALLY deserved to get in over Teddy. You started Frisbee Club for goodness sake!”

“Stacy. C’mon. Look at me. Do I look like a Northwesternian? No. I do not even know the name for the students who attend Northwestern! Don’t feel sorry for me. I did not even want to go there.”


If a high school senior is accepted to college, every classmate, friend, parent, family member, and past acquaintance using Facebook will know. Because, their status will immediately become “NORTHWESTERN CLASS OF 2020!!!!” Following their acceptance, and Facebook post, they will return to school the following day wearing their college’s sweatshirt and smiling when a peer says, “are you going to ‘insert college here?” The student will respond with the little, “Hehe, yeah.” Acceptance letters contain different information. Sometimes, they let a student know about scholarship money they were awarded. Which, a student will definitely include in their bragging to peers. The letters make you feel very special. “This year’s applicant pool was especially large. Feel proud to be accepted into our family!” A student will feel proud to have been accepted into the colleges family! Good for you, student.


For anyone who does not know it means to “be deferred,” that’s okay. Because it is stupid. It is basically the college saying “we have not decided yet, and your application is okay. BUT, we want to wait and see if anyone better applies.” When a student is deferred, they are expected to send their respective admissions officer an email groveling for a spot in the college’s class the next year. In the “letter of deferral,” colleges encourage students to send additional transcripts, awards, or information about themselves.

So, here is a draft letter I have written for anyone who gets deferred:

Dear college who has recently deemed me “not quite good enough yet,”

I have no hidden awards, nor have I received any Nobel or Pulitzer Prizes since you last reviewed my application. I have not cured cancer or taken down ISIS since you last reviewed my application, either. I am not the secret child of a famous athlete, politician, actor, or philosopher, and, unfortunately, Obama will not reply to my letters where I ask if he will write me a recommendation. Instead, I have attached a link of me playing and singing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” on the ukulele. I hope this really sways your decision in right direction.

Caroline Williams

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