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Krysten Ritter stars as the eponymous character in "Marvel's Jessica Jones." (Myles Aronowitz/Netflix)

Krysten Ritter stars as the eponymous character in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones.” (Myles Aronowitz/Netflix)

By Rafia Ali, Hinsdale Central

“Jessica Jones” was recommended to me by my sister, whose taste in movies and TV shows largely differ from mine, but after hearing her high praise of the series and finding out that David Tennant played Kilgrave, the villain, I knew I had to give it a shot. First day of winter break, I sat down and began the series, and my only regret was not watching it earlier.

Netflix is a powerhouse, the father of binge watching and the mother of the best Marvel TV shows. I watched part of Daredevil, but “Jessica Jones” hooked me from the first episode. Unapologetic, brash and violent, Jessica Jones isn’t a Supergirl heroine. She isn’t quirky, cute, or nice, but rather a gritty private investigator who has seen the darker side of humanity and has no intention of “saving the world.” Trish Walker, her best friend, was probably my favorite sidekick. Jessica is very closed off and struggles with accepting help from others but Trish is the one person who forces her way in and refuses to leave. Trish should be a stereotypical blonde, but is the perfect foil for Jessica.

Kilgrave is a fascinating villain because he is evil and malicious but there were moments I found myself feeling bad for him, but then I was like “bad Rafia, evil Kilgrave.” He just reminded me of a kicked puppy who didn’t understand right and wrong, but ultimately had more power than he could handle.

The essence of Jessica Jones is that blurred line between right and wrong and how far would you go to right a wrong. Jessica is a complex heroine, but at the end of the day, what makes this show great is her reliability. She isn’t a DC hero, where she’s always running to do the right thing and saving the day, but rather a real Marvel hero, who is simply a foul-mouthed alcoholic who happened to have super-strength. This show is not for the fainthearted.

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