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(photo by Tori Boorstein)

(photo by Tori Boorstein)

By Tori Boorstein, Highland Park

Every year, my family and I relocate for the holidays to a warmer destination. Christmas is never blanketed in snow and New Year’s Eve is always spent on a beach. The weeks leading up to break are filled with shopping for the perfect “warm weather outfit” and anticipation. This year we went to Aruba, which is different from our usual trip to Mexico, and we loved it!

The greatest part about Aruba was the beach. The beautiful white sand complimented the bright blue ocean perfectly and the lack of massive, tumultuous waves created the perfect place to swim. The daytime was occupied with sunbathing, swimming and even paddle boarding: things I never get to do in the freezing temperatures of Chicago.

This year was different because I was finally allowed to bring my cell phone. I was so excited to be able to update my Snapchat stories on the beach, upload new Instagrams right away and text my friends as I pleased. But sometimes I found that being able to see what was going on at home was more stressful than relaxing. For the first time I felt a major sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) on New Year’s Eve that made me wish I’d just left my cell phone at home.

All in all, going on vacation is the best part of winter break. It allows me to get away and recharge my batteries. I love exploring new territories and being surrounded by a change of scenery.

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