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An example of a "senior sack." (Photo by Caroline Williams)

An example of a “senior sack.” (Photo by Caroline Williams)

By Caroline Williams, New Trier

New Trier seniors have a tradition of purchasing a “senior sack” for second semester. The idea is that second semester senior year does not matter. I mean, even if a senior has not been admitted to college yet, if they are planning to attend, they will know before second semester ends if they were admitted. Colleges do not review a senior’s application based on their second semester grades. So, seniors feel their second semester grades do not matter and become relatively checked out of school and develop “senioritis.”

Because seniors feel they do not need to complete all that much work, they use small, funny backpacks. Last year I remember seeing a pretty “jock-y” boy with a “My Little Pony” backpack. There was another boy who carried a pink draw string bag on his back all semester. One of my friends is currently lugging around a normal-shaped backpack, however, there is a giant sloth on the canvas.

So far this year, I have not seen all the of the “senior sacks” make an appearance. Yet, as we get deeper in to second semester, the amount of senior sacks grows.

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