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Senior locker decorations. (Photo by Tori Boorstein)

Senior locker decorations. (Photo by Tori Boorstein)

By Tori Boorstein, Highland Park

Dear Second Semester Senior,

Congratulations, you have made it through the hard part of senior year! Applications and grades are all signed, sealed and delivered. So, what’s next?

This is when the real fun and memories of high school begin. The ending is what we will end up remembering most. Spring break, prom, and ditch day will come faster than you know, so it is important to stop and cherish the ordinary days. Next year, we won’t be waking up at 7 a.m. to meet all our friends before first period, in fact, we probably won’t even see most of our friends for majority of the year. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves already.

I’ve heard and I’m sure you have too from so many people that second semester of our senior year is the best. It is time to focus on enjoying home for our last few months. Appreciate your parents and all that they do for you because soon you’ll have to make your own meals or do your own laundry. Stop by all the classic hometown restaurants once or twice (OK, maybe a lot more times) again. Spend every minute you can with your school friends before you make new school friends.

The hardest part about the next few months, other than beginning to become extremely nostalgic over every little thing, is keeping your grades up! Stay interested in class and keep on keeping on! You never know if you’ll need these grades someday. Besides, my mom always reminds me, “You’re not done until you walk across that stage and get that diploma.”

The months to come short and few. There will probably never be enough time to say goodbye to a life you’ve only known. But savor the time you have now, because from what we’ve heard, it’s going to be the best!


A Fellow Second Semester Senior

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