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(photo by Caroline Williams)

(photo by Caroline Williams)

By Caroline Williams, New Trier

Recently, my posts have been centered around various college issues. That is because that is what I am dealing with right now. This is a very “in the moment” post. I, along with half of New Trier, applied to Wisconsin, Madison. It’s just like a “known thing” when all the big schools will release their admission’s decisions. Sunday night is when Wisconsin was supposed to release their decision. More specifically, Sunday around 7 p.m. So, 7 p.m. Sunday night I get a text from my best friend with her admissions results. I receive a text from one of my nosy friends asking if I got in. Just a quick tangent—you do not do that. Never should you ask someone if they were admitted to a school. It is rude. But, that girl continues to ask, regardless.

Okay, back to Wisconsin. I checked my email to see if I had one from Wisconsin. I did not. So, I asked my friend how she found out. She told me that I need some “Net ID and Password.” I am not one of those people who writes down all the passwords and usernames I create. I try the “forgot my password or net ID option.” The computers tells me I must enter my “backup email.” If I don’t know my username, why would I possibly remember my “backup email”? I try all of my emails, my parent’s email and my sister’s email for kicks, none work. Then, I felt it would be a good idea to look at my past emails from Wisconsin and see if maybe they sent me my net ID at one point. They did not send me my Net ID, but they did send me an email asking me to confirm my backup email. I clicked on it, however, it expired.

At this point, I felt it was time to start my homework. It is Sunday, 8:30pm, and I still have not started my homework for Monday. I email my New Trier college counselor with the following subject and message following:
I am in a pickle.

Dear Mr. College Man,
I have run into a small problem. I cannot remember my Net ID or password in order to see my Wisconsin admissions decision. Do you know how I can see if I got in?

Okay. I have two main reasons for writing this post. First of all, to display the difficulties many New Trier and high school seniors must go through in order to simply see if they were admitted to a school. Secondly, to express my discontent with the system. I like the schools that send their decision by mail! In the movies, I always see the teenagers running outside their house when they see the mailman. They grab the mail from the smiling mailman’s hand. Running inside, they throw to the side each piece of mail that is not pertaining to the one piece they want. Then, they get the big envelope. The big envelope is a good sign. They sing and dance and cry as their parents tell them, “good job.” Is that how it is for me? Oh no. I have to log in to some online portal, at a time I am just supposed to just know, while remembering my passwords. Maybe I am being unreasonable, I just find the process rather irritating and wanted to explain how it works for those who are unaware.

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